Anemone Caught In Intake

What a nightmare, AGAIN!

This was the second time I had an anemone caught in something. My very first anemone ever, a bubble tip anemone, got caught in the wave maker the very first night I brought it home.

I had to pry it from the powerhead impeller and it died later that day.

And this morning, the replacement anemone got itself stuck in the intake opening of my Fluval C4 HOB. All its tentacles went into the intake!!! Arrrg

The entire head of the anemone went into the intake.

After my first anemone got caught I searched all over intake for a solution. And during my research, there were a lot of records stating letting the anemone resolves itself and there will be a high survival rate.

And I left it alone, after switching off the filter. The anemone hardly move in the first few hours. I checked on it every hour and it was still in the same predicament.

After SEVEN LONG HOURS… the first sign of the anemone freeing itself.

Seven hours later

After seven long hours the half of its tentacles were out and the anemone was inflated and looking great.

Eight hours after I stopped the filter the anemone had broken free!

After eight agonising hours the anemone was now completely free of the intake, without any intervention on my part.

And the anemone was hardly injured except for some minor scarring.

So the next time you have a anemone stuck in an intake or powerhead, DON’T YANK IT OUT! Let it take its own course and break free.

Anemone back to normal after 10 hours.

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