Everything is dead

Well, almost everything is dead, about two months after adding some fishes and corals.

I had a Brooklynella break out in my tank. From diagnosing the symptoms to the first casualty it took only 4 days. The first fish to die was my bi-colour blenny. He was such a adorable character in my tank and he took care of my algae problems. But he was the first of the casualties.

He slowly faded away and one morning I found him motionless and all colours gone. ?

At the same time I couldn’t find my Royal Gramma… I only found out he was dead and rotting in one of the holes two days later. This caused a major parameters upset in the tank which in turn made other fishes stressed and fell sick.

There wasn’t any time to react.

I managed to quickly put up a hospital tank and performed fresh water dip for the remaining fishes. That was the fifth day midnight. I was all tired and worn out after a week at work.

My Chromis did not survived the freshwater dip and passed away the same night.

My pair of clownfishes appeared to be better immediately after the freshwater dips. They were eating well again and swimming actively again. The next day I used formalyn for treatment together with Seachem stressguard to aid in recovery.

But they all passed eventually after two days. ??

My blue leg hermit crab passed the next day due to the fluctuation in water parameters earlier on and had already shown signs of stressed. He was hardly moving.

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The sole surviving fish is my purple dartfish! He did not have any symptoms and has been eating and swimming well throughout! And so was my cleaner shrimp!

So now, another long wait commenced. FALLOW. I need to go fishless for at least 6 weeks before I can return my dartfish back into the display tank. This is to starved out the parasites and break the reproduction cycle.

This has got to be the most boring part of this hobby! Two weeks have passed and four more to go.