Fluval C Series Impeller Shaft Replacement

The Fluval C Series hang on back filters are one of the best HOB filters around. Quiet and extremely easy to clean, I own and still operate a C2, C3, an C4. So, yeah, I’m a huge fan of the C series HOB filters.

Well, recently I rescaped one of my tank to use fine sand as substrate. I have always wanted a white sand bed scape but saw it as too much hassle.

True, it was a huge hassle and the first casualty was my C3 impeller shaft. Sometimes fishes in their panic will stir up the sand. And when the sand gets sucked into the filter some may eventually make their way into the impeller area.

When sands make their into the impeller shaft, it will grind down the shaft causing the shaft to wear to a thin diameter to the point of breaking, all within a couple of days of the sands getting in contact with the impeller shaft.

Right now my shaft is almost eroded to the point of breaking and the impeller is making loud noises.

Unfortunately Fluval does not sell the impeller shaft at all ? Why on earth Fluval wouldn’t sell the impeller shaft as parts is puzzling.

A long search on the web revealed that although Fluval does not offer replacement shaft Hagen, the parent company of Fluval does sell the replacement shaft. It is being offered under the AquaClear brand and the shaft is a common parts for both AquaClear and Fluval HOB filters.

AquaClear 30/150 Impeller Shaft – A16001

Look for A16001 which is the part number.

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You can get it from eBay or Amazon. Lowest price I saw was around USD9 with free shipping.