Chihiros A-Series For Marine Tank Review

I have been using this light on my 24g nano cube for more than two months. The light was bright and the fishes looked fabulous under the light.

A Series – Same Same

It has the same slim design as the freshwater counterpart. Unfortunately, it also inherits the same non water-tight fitting and filmsy leg brackets as the freshwater counterpart.

If you drop this thing by accident into the water, it’s kiss goodbye. So be VERY VERY CAREFUL.

Fully dimmable

What I really like about this light is that it is fully dimmable. I can set 0-100% intensity on this light with the SMART S2 Lighting Controller. This kind of feature is usually found on the more expensive lightings. But you can get it all for less than USD50.

Lighting timer + intensity controller. USD 12 shipped from AliExpress.

It allowed me to set a sun-rise, noon sun, late afternoon sun, sun-set intensity for the lights. The fishes loved it! You can see their activities level which followed the light intensity throughout the day.

My Royal Gramma reacts highly to light intensity. When the light just came on, the fishes were edgy and cautious. My Royal Gramma would just hang around near his hiding hole, but will dart back into the hole at the slightest movement outside the tank.

When the light was at noon setting, all the fishes were swimming and happy and less jumpy. The venture further and are more adventurous. When the sun is in the sun-set intensity, the fishes all returned to their caves. Some went into hiding immediately while some remained on high alert.

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Not For Corals

The Chihiros also grew plenty of algae. But the corals were not pretty ?

The corals although were growing and not complaining were all dull and not “luminous” or glowing like when I saw it at the LFS.

After an extensive research, I found the causes.

Lack of 390~420 nm “Near UV” wavelength

Where’s the 420 nm?

The Chihiros lights are missing the 420~430 nm wavelength lights. Yes it has got blue lights but the 420nm~430 nm wavelength is crucial. Actinic light or near UV light which is responsible for making your coral glow has wavelength in the region of 395~430 nm, but the intensity peaks at 420 nm.

The Chihiros marine light does not emit light in the near UV region. The entire 390 nm ~ 430 nm wavelength is missing. What are they doing!!!!

So if you want your coral to grow, you need to look for lights which has 390 nm~420 nm wavelength.

If you only have a Fish Only or FOWLR tank this light is perfect. If you are venturing into the reef side then you may want to look else where.

For the time being, I am starting my search all over again for an alternate lighting which will not break the bank.