Should You Invest in a Low Iron Glass Aquarium Tank?

YES! If you can afford it.

Honestly, the fish tank is the one and only component in your entire setup that you cannot change if you regret it. You can change filter, lighting, diffuser, CO2 system, etc. But changing a tank is next to starting from scratch.

There are different grades in low iron glass itself. The ADA tank is absolutely amazing in clarity, but the price to performance is a put off. And unless price is not an issue, otherwise there are other alternatives that will not cost an arm or leg. In fact I would believe majority of the cost came from freight. Shipping a tank from Japan is not cheap.

Clarity Gives Higher Morale

low iron glass aquarium
Superb clarity of a low iron glass

My 4 feet tank is made of ordinary glass. So is my 60cm low profile tank. I kinda regretted the decision to go cheap thinking it is all about the works that matters. But I was wrong!

Although the two tanks look absolutely fabulous in photos, they were no joy to look at somehow. My 45cm cube tank is made of low iron glass and I can look at it all day, mesmerised by how clear it is and it seems there’s no water in the tank at all! The 60p in my office is made of even higher grade low iron glass that I can work on it whole day.

So do yourself a favour, get a low iron tank from the start and not repeat my mistakes.

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