Over head Sump Tank

My over head sump tank has arrived! ?

my Over head Sump Tank arrived!

It is a simple single compartment/chamber acrylic over head sump tank. Since a canister filter is frowned upon, I need to get an “open type” filtration system.

seller packed it and protected it with wooden frame.
The seller did a splendid job putting up a frame to protect it from damages.
Over head Sump Tank
Even more protection inside.

It is not terribly big but I think it should serve its purpose.

It cost me just under USD20 ordering it from TaoBao and getting a third-party shipper to ship it over.

Over head Sump: Where to buy

So far the only place I saw selling this over head sump tank was Tao Bao. I cannot find any on AliExpress. I do find some links inside Ezbuy but it is 30% more expensive.

PC150 sump tank
This is a two chambers overhead sump. Due to limited width of my display tank I can only order a one chamber overhead sump tank.

Over Head Sump: Considerations

  • I had very limited space underneath my display tank and thus I came across this over head sump which may just suit my needs.
  • Also, consideration must also be taken when the pump to the sump stops working (in the event of failure or power failure) there is no flooding as in the case of an under sump.
  • This over head sump tank will not add significant water volume to your overall setup
  • You cannot include a refugium for apparent size reason, as well as it will disturb the display tank with the refugium light.
nice worksmanship

Mechanical + Chemical Media

I was pondering between using it as a mechanical and chemical filter. I will first run the water through a filter sock or sponge with floss with carbon bags underneath.

This setup will enable me to visually see how dirty the sponge/sock is and allow me to quickly switch for a clean one.

Mechanical + Bio Media

I am also wondering if I should use it with bio media to supplement the live rocks.

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More images in the future…

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