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Where to buy cheap: CO2 Accessories – SWOG Planted Aquarium Guide

Where to buy cheap: CO2 Accessories

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CO2 Diffusers

I have to warn you that the ceramic diffusers listed below are not the most efficient for those of us using high pressurised CO2.

However, for those using DIY bottle A+B CO2 users, ceramic diffusers may be their only option. 

Small Ceramic Diffuser - $1.50

Free shipping. 

Useful for 10 gallon and below tanks.

Small Cup Type Ceramic Diffuser - $2

+$1 shipping 

Useful for 10 gallon and below tanks.

Small Ceramic Diffuser Starter Kit- $8.60

One of my LFSs likes to use this type of diffuser. This kit comes with a check valve.

Free shipping.

Useful for 10 gallon and below tanks.

Atomizer - $10

I used to love this diffuser. It is a cheaper version of the Intense Bazooka Atomizer. It is able to produce fine mist. 

However, the minimum pressure required is 30psi to operate this diffuser.

UP Mini Diffuser - $5

This, my friends, is probably the best money to performance diffuser in the market.

Do not be deceived by its look. It is extremely efficient in producing fine bubbles at low pressure. If you are using bottle A/B DIY CO2 production, don’t waste time, just get this diffuser.

Free shpiping.

CO2 Reactor

I have switched back to diffuser from reactor, the reason is I’m lazy to perform reactor cleaning and I like less equipment.

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The CO2 reactor is still one of the best methods of CO2 injection into your tank. You don’t get the soda drinks effect and you save more CO2 for being efficient. 

And it is SUPER DIY CO2 friendly because it only requires very low pressure to work.

Remember you will need a separate powerhead/pump for it to work, or you can attached it to your canister outflow at the sacrifice of your flowrate.

ISTA External Turbo Co2 Reactor Diffuser - $23

This is the better built reactor. But you will need a strong flow for it to work.

Free worldwide shipping.

ISTA Max Mix CO2 Reactor - $16

Poor man’s reactor. Cheap but yet efficient. Gets the job done. Not elegant. Big footprint in tank.

Free worldwide shipping.

Drop Checker

Glass Hang On CO2 Drop Checker - $1.00

I like this type of hang on CO2 Drop Checker. First it will never fall off. Second, it is very easy to see the liquid.

Yours for only USD1! Free shipping as usual.

Bubble Glass CO2 Drop Checker - $2.00

Your typical glass drop checker. They are selling it at USD2 and comes with the indicator solution. WTF? Shipping cost another USD2. Still cheap.

Check Valves

Check Valves - $0.50

Cheapo check valves. Free shipping.

Glass Check Valve + Glass Bubble Counter - $3

I really like this set. It is elegant and cheap. The only problem is filling water into the bubble counter. You need to remove the air line tubing and use a syringe to inject water into it every two weeks. Otherwise it looks awesome.

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As usual, it has free shipping.

Stainless Steel Check Valve - $1.30

If you are tired of the usual plastic looking check valve, this can be a nice change.

Bubble Counter

ADA Style Glass Bubble Counter - $1

ADA style bubble counter at a fraction of the cost. 

Glass Round Type Bubble Counter - $1

Another type of glass bubble counter if you are tired of the usual ones.

Suction holder for tubing

Clip Type Suction Holder - 10 for $1.10

This type of suction holder clips your tubing into place. Less regid than the open end type but offers a more tight layout.

Opened End Air Line/Tube Suction Holder - 10 for $1

I have a bunch of these as well. Keeps your tube organised. I will discard them after a few months when algae starts to grow on it. This way your suction holder will always be shiny new! Beats scrubbing it down.

Air Line Tube & Accessories

Glass U Shaped Bend - $0.60

I use this to form a nice bend around the tank edge where the air line tube bends. 

Stainless Steel U Shaped Bend - $1.26

This is the stainless steel version.

Typical shipping under $0.50.

10m Air Line Tube - $3.50

This is the soft type for normal air stone. Free shipping as usual.

3m CO2 Tubing - $3.50

This is the hard type for pressurised CO2. Comes in clear or black.

Citric Acid & Baking Soda

For Singapore’s reader you can get citric acid at 500g pack from Poon Huat. They have 13 outlets island wide. They have 10% sales every Monday and Sunday. Prices at the point of writing is about SGD5.10. Baking Soda comes in 600g pack and cost just SGD1.80!

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