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Where to buy cheap: Aquarium Essentials – SWOG Planted Aquarium Guide

Where to buy cheap: Aquarium Essentials

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Chihiros Doctor

There have been plenty of discussion on the forums all over internet. Most of the comments were that it will not work. And I also realised that most of them do not have one themselves. They based their opinions on theories.

And those few who made the dive and purchase one had mixed reviews.

So I took the dive and got myself one. 

Algae Control - Not Obvious

Well, to begin with, my tank has little algae issues. When in algae spores killing mode, I did not notice any differences.

Disease Control - Effective

The tank I use the Chihiros Doctor with is a community tank. It has all sorts of fishes in it.

My Neo Tetras always have white spot diseases. And my Golden Barbs are also plagued by occasional outbreak of cysts.

After deploying the Chihiros Doctor, I have witnessed a significant drop in white spot diseases among my Neon Tetras and the cysts on my Golden Barbs never return!

And recently the coil is no longer producing as much “fog” and the white spot diseases is returning with a vengeance.

Operation Mode

This is the third generation Chihiros Doctor. The previous generations are tank size specific and measures specific, ie they either kill algae spores, kill diseases, or improve shrimp water.

The third generation Chihiros Doctor is now multipurpose. By a selection button, you can set up tank size, select measures to use. 

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Auto switching 110v or 220v

EU/US/UK plugs available

$47 with free shipping worldwide.

Cleaning Tools

I got all my cleaning maintenance tools almost all from AliExpress. They have free shipping for almost everything! And the price is just a fraction of the LFS.

Tube & Hose Brush - $3

Double ended brush. Nice and soft. There’s a smaller version which cost just $1!

Stainless Steel Algae Scraper - $12

I have a long one for my 75 gallon tank and a shorter one for my other tanks. I use them for those tough greenspot algaes. Free shipping as usual.

Chihiros Magnetic Brush - $13

This is one VERY STRONG magnet brush. It is unlike the typical magnet brushes. This thing CAN remove those tough greenspot algae. Replacement velcro can be purchased as well unlike most others.


Solor Powered Air Pump - $22

For those of you who frequently need to face with adverse weather, there is nothing more valuable than a solar powered air pump.

I use this for my fishing trip though 😆

Leak Detector - $4.00

I believe no matter how good your tank was built, there will always a chance of critical failure of an equipment which will lead to a consequential flooding. The flooding will be worse if it happens during bed time and your floor is wooden.

If you haven’t got any kind of leak alarm installed, for god sake, please get one immediately. It doesn’t cost much. A simple, crude looking one cost only USD4 from AliExpress with free shipping to the states and most other countries. It’s really a no brainer.

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This detector is smaller than a regular cigarette box. You can just place it behind your cabinet and forget about it as the battery last for years.

Dosing Equipment

Single Channel Lab Pipette - $18

What the hack is a Single Channel Lab Pipette??? A picture tells a thousand words.

A Single Channel Lab Pipette is basically a pipette but with a precision knob controlling the liquid volume. It beats using a surgical syringe for liquid precision as well as speed. You always see a lab technician using it on TV/video.

What is it used for?

Well I use it for measuring

  • the amount of Prime to use during water change
  • the amount of ferts when dosing
  • spot treatment with Exel or H2O2

USD18 and another USD5 for shipping on AliExpress. Dosing will never be the same. You will need to choose the ideal volume for your daily use. There is one that measures from 0.1ml to 1ml for small tanks, and there is one that measures from 1ml to 5 ml, and another 0.1ml to 10ml for more general use.


Magnetic Tools Holder - $12

I simply love this! I don’t think I need to say much. I place an industrial strength double sided tape and sticked it to the wooden stand of my tank.

No free shipping, but shipping worldwide is about another $5.

Stainless Steel Tool Rack - $10

Nice and elegant rack for your tools. Free worldwide shipping as usual.

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AQUAPRO Acrylic Tool Rack - $10

Another one of my favourite rack. The acrylic is of high quality THICK acrylic.  The screws and the threads are of better quality.

Free worldwide shipping as usual.

4 Channels Auto Dosing Tube Holder - $6

No fuss dosing tube holder. 

Water Testing

TDS Meter - $3

I use this. Not very elegant but gets the job done. $3!!!!! With free shipping!? WTF?

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