I kept a list of my personal To-buy or Bought From Where items on my phone. I regularly check the list when I am at the LFS or shopping online.


I am a fan of Fluval filters. There are not only have better exterior designs but they are a joy to clean and use. Never fail and very quiet.

External Canister Filters

Fluval Advanced Filtration System 🤤

This is Fluval’s latest in aquarium filtration. Absolutely amazing. Fluval’s engineers went to work on a clean sheet of paper and this is the result. I leave you to read for yourself.

HOWEVER! Since its launch, the sales volume is not the best Fluval would want to. It is currently selling at half its retail price everywhere.

I still cannot justify buying this right now although it is slightly more expensive than my Fluval 306. I’ve got mouths to feed and loans to pay. One of these days I’m gonna get my hands on one.

Fluval FX6 A219 Filter

This is the biggest you can get from Fluval. No need much introduction. The reviews were everywhere. Someone got it for $170 on Black Friday.

Fluval 106/206/306/406

The Fluval x06 family of external filters are the workhorse of the company. I own the 306 and the 206. Both are extremely quiet and efficient. Takes the maintenance cycle to beyond 2 months. The smaller 206 that I have has some issues with the valve level though.

HOB Filters

Fluval C2/C3/C4

The Fluval C series of hang-on back filters are ideal for quick maintenance. But make no mistake they are extremely efficient and reliable. I have all C2, C3, C4! I run a Fluval C2 in my 75g in addition to my 306. I use it to generate surface agitation as well as use it purely as a Purigen filtration and floss filtration. I run a C3 on my 11g and a C4 on my 14g. Some might say they are noisy but that’s because they do not know how to sit the impeller shaft properly. I will write a page on it later on.


Chihiros RGB Series

Chihiros RGB Aquarium LED Light – Colorful for Plant and Fish Tank 25W Light 30-45cm (RGB-30)

I started with the Chihiros A Series for some of my tanks that requires medium/high lighting. However, the colours of the fishes are kind of washed out. So I decided to try the RGB series one day. And all I can say is, for this price, there is no other lights that will come close and still grow your plants.

Here’s the link to purchase on Amazon.

Chihiros A Series

The Chihiros A Series is what I will call beginner’s lighting for a planted tank. This light is the cheapest one can get for that kind of light output. PAR value is good but not the best for rendering colours. But one thing for sure the wavelength of the light is meant for planted tanks. It will grow anything you put under it. Construction is acceptable. Gets hot. But it grows plants.

Get it cheap from AliExpress! Amazing FREE shipping to USA!

Citric Acid & Baking Soda

For Singapore’s reader you can get citric acid at 500g pack from Poon Huat. They have 13 outlets island wide. They have 10% sales every Monday and Sunday. Prices at the point of writing is about SGD5.10. Baking Soda comes in 600g pack and cost just SGD1.80!

Get from Amazon

Get from eBay

10 lbs pack Citric Acid. Cheaper on eBay with free international shipping!

to be continued…

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