FineVu Pro HD – Review


The FineVu Pro HD is a dashcam that offers full 1080 HD resolution at 15 fps recording. At lower resolution it is capable of shooting at 30 fps.


The sensor is reported to come from Sony. It is reported to be a 2 mega pixel CCD CMOS. The lens is an ultra wide fisheye lens that can cover the entire width of the dashboard.

Day and night videos are clear but during my usage I find that there are very obvious artifacts and license plate are hard to see if it is more than a car length away.

The unit also comes equipped with shock sensor. With the optional battery pack it will automatically record 1 minute of video upon sensing shock.

GPS sensor is also offered as an option to add speed and location tracking.


Standard items that came with the box are a windscreen holder which can be used as a dashboard holder when inverted. The sticky tape that came with it is pretty good. The power cable is thick and long and is sufficient to run along the circumference of the windscreen. My box came with a high speed 16GB Lexar micro SDCard.


I bought my set online via a Korean merchant at USD$130. A local shop is selling at USD$300 but it comes with installation and English firmware. Mine is in Korean!

International retail version comes with English. I have yet found any link to download the English firmware.

Nerveless upgrading to the latest Korean firmware was a breeze, after 2 days of attempts.

Some sample videos:


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