FineVu Pro HD – How to upgrade firmware

It took me a good 2 days to figure out what went wrong by following simple instructions on a simple procedure.

The instructions were :

  1. Extract the firmware from the ZIP files into any folder.
  2. Plug in the dashcam into the USB socket of your computer.
  3. Format the micro SDCard.
  4. Your computer will recognise the dashcam as a USB storage device.
  5. Copy all the files into the ROOT of the dashcam unit.
  6. Unplug dashcam from your computer.
  7. Power up the unit when in your car.
  8. The unit will automatically upgrade the firmware.

The above did not work somehow. For 2 days I could not figure out which of the above part I did wrong!

To make things worse, after I formatted the SDCard, I can’t get the firmware to work!!?? The entire card was emptied and I could not use it at all!


External GPS for FineVu Pro Full-HD

I almost threw the darn thing away. The manual stated nothing, even if it had, I could not read it as it was in Korean.

So, being a typical geek, I believed that by holding certain buttons or using a combination of buttons pressing it will some how let me enter ‘recovery mode’.

That paid off. If you happened to format your SD card and cannot upgrade the firmware of your FineVu and you want to revert to the original factory settings with the original firmware that came with the unit, do this:

Press and hold the “VIDEO” button for… um… 15 seconds.


You will see both buttons blinking and the voice will say that that the unit ‘has been reset’ (I guessed)… (in Korean in my unit).

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Back to the topic, so what went wrong and why my unit was not updating iteself?

I found out that I have been using the wrong firmware…. DOH! Yes. With the wrong version, the unit will not update it.

It is not entirely my fault though. I went to the manufacturer’s website to download the latest Korean version and …


There were at least 3 files that spotted the name:

  3. FINEVu Pro

My unit is called FineVu FULL HD Pro

The one to use is FINE PRO FULL-HD.

However, after extracting one of the firmware files reads FileSystem_FINEPRO.md5.

If any other file names like FINEVuPro or etc it will not update.

Update: 12 Nov 2013

I found out that the English version has everything the same as the Korean, only the User Interface is in different language. I have source and found the User Interface in English and you can do your setting by looking and comparing the Korean UI against the English. Save yourself the hassle of finding an English firmware for the time being. If you know where to get the English firmware, please help to post here.