24/7 CO2 Injection + Air Stone

One of the biggest discovery in my journey of keeping planted tank was the benefits of running CO2 24/7 with an air stone running 24/7 as well. Not only was the tanks algae free, the water was crystal clear and the fishes were significantly more active. Accidental Discovery A year back, I was having a […]

Planted Tank Shopping List

I kept a list of my personal To-buy or Bought From Where items on my phone. I regularly check the list when I am at the LFS or shopping online. Filtration I am a fan of Fluval filters. There are not only have better exterior designs but they are a joy to clean and use. […]

Commercial Aquarium CO2 Reactor Review

One of the ways to inject CO2 into the aquarium is by using a reactor. Reactors are great way to inject CO2 because it promises high dissolving rate and almost no bubbles so your aquarium will not look like a soda. But the greatest advantage, from the point of DIY CO2 users, is you do […]

Aquarium DIY CO2 High Pressure Canister Tank

CO2 Becomes Affordable When I first saw this thing on Taobao, it just blew my mind away. As a DIY CO2 planted tank owner, you will know the bane of low or inconsistent pressure produced by existing kits in the market. And most DIY CO2 setup will hardly last a week. Furthermore, DIY CO2 lacks […]