DIY CO2 High Pressure Canister Tank

When I first saw this thing on Taobao, it just blew my mind away.

As a DIY CO2 planted tank owner, you will know the bane of low or inconsistent pressure produced by existing kits in the market. And most DIY CO2 setup will hardly last a week. Furthermore, DIY CO2 lacks the pressure to deploy atomizer diffuser which can produce really nice micro bubbles.

Well, this thing is a dream comes true (hopefully). Behold! The High Pressure DIY CO2 Canister Tank!

Basically, this canister tank is a high-pressure stainless steel tank capable of withstanding high pressure. But the recommended safety level is 25kg/cm2.

The tank came with the below items:

  • a set of 6 sets of baking soda (200g) and citric acid powders (200g).
  • a bubble counter with built-in check valve.
  • airline tube with suction cup.
  • a base stand.
  • a small 300ml plastic measuring cup
  • a small funnel.

There are options for a electric solenoid, ceramic diffuser, co2 checker, etc. They will usually label them as “set meal A, set meal B, etc.”

Two of my Taobao shipping agent refuse to purchase this item on my behalf. Only one shipping agent agreed to ship for me after a lengthy description of what the item is and what it does. And I had to discard the baking soda and citric acid powder because it will highly impede port clearance speed. Any powder that accompany with other items WILL be detained for inspection. So if I want, I have to ship the powder separately and have them declared separately.

Air freight is not possible due to international shipping regulation.

It took about 2 weeks by sea freight to reach me. And that must be the longest wait in my life. But when I got it, the feeling was tremendous.

To get things going, the setup is very fast and easy. Much faster than the Bottle A + Bottle B citric acid baking soda setup.

Step 1: Unscrew the regulator from the tank.

Step 2: Pour in 200g of baking soda.

Step 3: Pour in 200g of citric acid powder.

Step 4: Pour 300ml of water at a 45 degree angle.

Step 5: Screw back the regulator.

Immediately you could feel the tank turning cold! Cold enough to have condensation around the tank. The pressure gauge shot to 10kg/cm2 instantly. After a few hours I managed to get 20kg/cm2 of CO2 in the tank! Holly cow!

Immediately, I went out to purchase an atomizer and plug it it. IT WORKS! Micro fine bubbles oh yes! The regulating valve knob is also very smooth and precise. I can fine tune it to achieve 1 bubble per 4 seconds! And it held the rate true throughout the day.

Today is the 12th day of setting up the tank and it has about 7kg/cm2 of pressure left running about 1 bubble per second for 12 hours every day! I hope it can last another 12 days. That will be sweet!

The damage? US$30 for the tank. Shipping was another US$20.

NOTE: There are at least 3 different types of tanks on TaoBao. D601 seems to be of a higher grade, and it has a normal or a strengthened version. Also, I came across one other brands that has a 4L version! If you have no access to TaoBao, there is a company selling on Aliexpress for US$105 with free shipping.

Good luck!

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  1. Francis Cheng
    September 22, 2017

    Hmm wanted to get one of this tank. But can’t find any D601 that cost 30USD. Are you able to share the URL?

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