What to Pack For Ho Chi Minh City

I am sure there must be one thousand questions in your head right after booking your flight. The very first question being where should I stay?

There are literally THOUSANDS of hotels in Ho Chi Minh City and I am not joking. Ranging from a few dollars for a hammock rental by the highway to five stars hotels.

Before we jump to accommodation, let’s deal with what to pack. There are things which you can still buy in HCMC if you have forgotten, but the lack of location knowledge will make searching for items a tremendous waste of precious time.


Shoes & Clothings

The general weather in Saigon and the surrounding province is hot and humid. Temperatures generally linger around 30 degree C / 86 degree F in the day and 25 C/77F at night. You will find yourself literally soak in sweat. Your shirt will be soaking wet and your underwear becomes moist and unbearable.

This is due to the humidity of the air. The air is so humid that sweat cannot be effectively evaporated. So bring light clothing and sandals or slippers are the preferred gear. In this humidity, personal hygiene can deteriorate rapidly within a few days.

Body powder after bathing can help to prolong the period between another bath. Vietnamese are known to take regular showers throughout the day to stay cool and to keep themselves clean and odour free. You will start to notice body odours that you have never had.

This is because the bacterias which are responsible cannot thrive in dry and cold climate, and upon coming in contact with hot and humid air mixed with your sweat, they will immediately come alive! Pack deodorant or buy some upon arrival.

If you wear shoes throughout the day and night without changing your socks at least once a day, you will also start to develop stinky foot. Your shoes will build up so much bacteria that it will smell so bad that you will have to throw them away. Foot rot will follow if you fail to keep your feet dry.

The problem is compiled with constant rain during the monsoon season which last from April till September. During this period it will rain on a daily basis with rampant street flooding. The rain will intensifies in June and July with thunderstorm and torrential DOWNPOUR. Nothing can keep you dry.


Prepare for Brownouts & Blackouts

Vietnam uses 2-pin wall sockets and the power supply is 220V (which shouldn’t be a problem with electronic these days).

The real problem will be brownouts and blackouts. In Saigon brownouts are still a common thing especially during the dry season. Vietnam is extremely reliant on hydroelectric power generation. During the dry season water becomes a problem.

All available power during the affected days are diverted to factories and industries. Residential will be last on the list. Power rationing will take place. Residential estates and districts will rotate to have their power cut during the day ranging from an hour to a few hours.

Some times brownouts can happen at night too due to a falling tree damaging the cables. Brownouts can also happen during heavy rain. It is dangerous to go out during a massive storm because the electrical cable can be severe by falling tree branches and when these live cable touches the puddle of water it will electrocute everything and everyone who is connected.

When you travel outwards towards the smaller cities or towns, expect no power for the whole day sometimes.

Most shops or restaurants will have their own small generator to provide some light but nothing more. And they usually have enough fuel for a couple of hours only.

A power bank can be a god send. There are a lot of variety of power banks available but typically the higher capacity power banks comes at a trade off for weight. And a higher capacity power bank requires a longer charging time.

People have also begun to resort to solar charging or solar power bank. It depends on your needs and budget.

A tough and waterproof torch light is also a must. It will come handy during times like these.

I once woke up to a complete blackout night during a typhoon only to discover that the drainage on the top most floor's balcony was choked with debris and rain water pour down the stairwell from the 4th floor to the ground floor.

Luckily I have a habit of hanging my Maclite by my bed, or otherwise I wouldn't have made it to the ground floor, without slipping, to shut down the main. And to later return to the balcony to clear the choke under the downpour. It was like while I was trying to clear the debris while someone pour a whole bucket of water onto your head.

And don’t forget to pack a waterproof pouch to keep your passport and documents in. I cannot emphasise enough on this. Keep the pouch under your shirt at all times.

Changing Money

Now, besides travel insurance which is a MUST, the next thing to take care of is money. The Vietnamese currency is called DONG. And you will become instant millionaires because of their large denomination.


More About The Vietnamese Dong

Where to get the best exchange rate in Saigon

The trouble with booking a hotel in Vietnam is the language barrier or they practice price discrimination against western tourists. Even as an Asian tourist you will also face similar fate. Even for someone like me who speaks fluent Vietnamese I still prefer to book via Agoda. Not only their rate is always BETTER than walk in rates, the information provided on Agoda website is extremely helpful for making a right decision, especially the MAP! If a hotel is not listed on Agoda, then don't bother at all. 

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