Pebble 2!

It is finally here! After months of delay.

And the UPS website is still showing it is in the US! WTF is wrong with UPS?

UPS status still in US

Trouble at Kickstarter

Pebble 2 Flaming Black ChargingI own a Pebble 1 and it was amazing. Then the battery starts to fail and the Pebble App on my iPhone was starting to drain my iPhone 6 Plus battery quite a bit. And ultimately Pebble failed to pair properly and notifications were not showing. I bought an Apple Watch to replace my Pebble. And I really missed the 7 days battery life of my Pebble, though my Apple Watch can manage one day without problem.

And when I heard Pebble 2 was on Kickstarter again back in June of 2016  I dove right in and committed a pledge without even thinking twice. I was backer 25,635 of 66,673. It was estimated the shipping date would be sometime in September 2016.

Well, everyone waited. July came, then August, then it was September and well, no news until 30 September! Yeah right, technically they were still correct because it was still September.

Rewards started shipping to backers on 30 September 2016 but almost nobody got it. Only now that backers started to receive the rewards, almost the same time if you order one from Amaon. This caused a HUGE uproar on their Kickstarter page and last count there were 7,088 comments about the delay. As of the time of writing a some backers have yet receive their Pebble 2.


The moral of the story, get it from Amazon! Kickstarter is for suckers.

Light and Comfy

The box is definitely premium. I think Pebble has learned quite a lot since Pebble 1. I remember my first Pebble came in a recycled material packaging with a minimalistic design. This time round you can see Pebble puts a lot of time and resources for the packaging.

Nice packaging

Hello Pebble againPebble 2 Unboxing

The Pebble 2 is really light, almost next to nothing. The straps are also extremely light but yet comfy to wear. The entire footprint of the watch is also much smaller and significantly thinner than the previous Pebble.

Upon unboxing everything out and laying them out I realised that the workmanship this time round is not as robust as the Pebble 1. It gives a flimsy impression and the OCD me also spotted some uneven glueing of the back cover!

These are just minor but hopefully it can last longer than a year I hope.

As for the charging head, I was hoping it will be compatible with the Pebble 1 head but unfortunately it will not fit. And this time charging is done on the back of the watch.

different charging head

Pebble 2 charging

thinner and lighter

Pebble 2 straps

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