BestSkinEver (BSE) – On Retina Macbook 2015

I have been pondering about getting a deal skin for the retina Macbook for quite some time. Why the ponder?

First of the price is a put off. Most skins out there cost around US$50. That is A LOT for a few pieces of stickers, and you have to apply it yourself! And there is also the idea that I may screw up during the application and there goes the $50.

Second, the retina Macbook uses the base plate as a giant heat sink to help dissipate heat. Heat dissipating is paramount for the fanless Macbook.

Third, there is a risk the skin may looks like crap, or it may just spoilt the look of the Macbook.

Well, I took the plunge after seeing some scratches and ordered the matt skin from BestSkinEver.

For some times I have been reading about BestSkinEver decals, and most customers seem to give high regards to their wet application decal.

I ordered through BSE website and it took about 10 days to reach where I live – Singapore. The instructions that came with it was minimal. It did not give you much advice. So like many others there’s youtube to the rescue.

BSE skins are wet applied. That means you will spray soap water on the decal and apply it to your device and wait for it to dry.

After repeatedly watching the application videos I tried applying the top cover first. I used way too much soap. And there were heaps of foam between the skin and the mac.

The cutout of the skin is really precise. To give you an idea how precise the allowance is only 0.5mm on all sides. And if you pull the skin off the protective sheet too hard you may actually stretch the skin and that will leave you with no allowance at all.

Having no allowance at all will mean your skin may risk peeling when you brush the edge.

IMG_2183 IMG_2184 IMG_2185Anyway, after squeezing the water out and allowing the skin to dry for 2 hours I was quite worried how the skin may appear. There were plenty of streaks underneath the skin as a result of too much soap to water ratio.

I then went on to apply the base (which is much easier) and the palm rest as well as the trackpad. All went really well.The precision of the skin cutout were all very tight. I reckon the palm rest allowance is less than 0.05mm. It is this precision that makes the skin almost invisible.

After a day or so the top cover still showing signs of streaks and I am about to write to BSE support. But I was too busy at work for that. I went on my daily routines and after about 4 days the streaks were totally gone!

Now the Macbook is protected by a layer of skin but you just can’t tell there’s a skin at all! Amazing! Impressive!

The only thing I notice after having the skin is that the Macbook no longer feel so cold to touch, and that the trackpad has more sliding resistance than before. I think I can live with that. As for whether it will affect heat dissipation I have no scientific methods nor tools to measure that.


A week after “curing” has taken place, all the streaks were gone! Nice! You can hardly tell there is a film on it.

IMG_2220 IMG_2219 IMG_2218 IMG_2217 IMG_2216

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