Charge 2015 Retina Macbook via Power Bank/USB Wall Plug

So everyone who bought or is going to buy the retina Macbook will be toying with the idea of charging your Macbook on the go with a power bank in case your Macbook runs out of juice.

Well, I’ve tried a variety of charging options and the bad news is, you can’t.

29 Watt Charge

The USB-C charger that is provided by Apple outputs 29 WATT. So at 5 volts, the charger is pushing 5.8 ampere.

Most power bank I see is pushing out around 2A to 2.4A max. Even the iPad charger is pushing out 2.4A. So to charge the Macbook with any 5V USB chargers currently available in the market you need to find one that can output at least 5.8A.

And so the journey to find a 5.8A USB charger begin!

Slow Charge

Update 31 Aug 2015

I managed to buy a USB-C to USB-A Mail cable and I plug it into a USB charger with a 2.4A output. The Macbook detected and showed the charging sign. It takes about 2 hours to charge from 80% to 100%, which is not that bad in a real emergency situation. But when I plug it into a power bank with a 2A output,  it takes forever to charge up.

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