OS X El Capitan Public Beta 1 – Split Screen is rubbish

One of the ‘great’ features that I really looked forward to was the split screen functions that can split and snap your windows to fill half the screen automatically. This was first seen on the Windows 8 OS. A function that I missed when I switched from PC to Mac.

The split screen function is most useful when you have a large monitor. You can literally split your screen 50-50. For a front end developer like me, it is a function I cannot live without. I could have one half of the screen showing the website I am working on and the other half displaying my HTML/CSS editor.

This way I do not have to switch between windows to preview the changes taking place.

However, an Mac APP developer came up with a function to replicate the Windows 8 split screen and cost a mere $2.58. What a life-safer! It is called BetterSnapTool. You simply drag your windows to the top edge and the window will automatically maximise to fill your screen (not full screen mode). Dragging your window to the left/right edge automatically resize the window to 50% of your screen size. Dragging to the top/bottom corners will automatically resize the window to 1/4 of your screen size.

This is extremely useful on my retina iMac 5K. I can have Safari opened 50% on the left, my text editor opened 1/4 on the top right, and my FTP opened 1/4 on the bottom right!

Or when I do spread sheet, I can have 4 Excel sheets opened and layout in quarters! Copy and pasting was never easier!

And alas, when Apple says they are going to include split screen functions to the latest El Capitan, I was thinking it will, AT LEAST, have these minimum abilities. But NO!

To begin with, to split your screen, you need to enable Displays have separate spaces”, located in System Preferences > Mission Control. DAFUG? Next to split your screen, you need to have at least 2 windows in the same desktop. Dafug? It does not work if you only have 1 window allocated in the particular desktop. Then you need to click and hold the green “Fullscreen” button. huh? And when it split your screen it also goes full screen mode! D A F U G.

And when you un-fullscreen one app, the other will go from half-full screen to full screen. Totally NOT COOL and there are no keyboard shortcuts or what so ever. Windows 8 – 1, OS X – 0. Some times I really feel Apple’s engineer should use their competitors’ product to know what is going on in the world around APPLE.


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  1. March 27, 2016

    This gave me a good chuckle, thanks.

    It’s like they tried window snap (which was actually introduced in Windows 7 btw) and then thought: “how do we copy this in a way that makes it completely useless to use and too convoluted to work out”. I too was really excited to hear of its inclusion in El Capitan, but sadly it’s completely borked out of the box, so I’m still using BetterTouchTool (which includes window snapping). It works exactly as you’d expect it to. Well worth paying the developer for such a fine effort.

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