OS X El Capitan public beta – Only 1 Mac per redeem code

The public beta for El Capitan is here and it’s a massive 6GB download! I’ve just finished downloading it for my iMac 5K in my office and hopefully that does not put a strain on the office broadband.

After downloading, the progress bar of the installation has not changed for the pass 10 minutes. Wonder if it hangs.

Meanwhile, I tried downloading the El Capitan for my retina Macbook but the APP Store just informed me that the code has been redeemed! And I can’t get it to download again. dafug?

Update: 15 minutes later

I restarted my iMac and the installation started again upon reboot. However, when it came to about 10% of the progress mark, it just stop moving. The mouse pointer still works though. I’m gonna just let it run through lunch. Apple should place a percentage indication so at least we know it is moving slowly but surely.

Update 1:

I have decided to wipe my HDD and reinstall Yosemite, followed by El Capitan Open Beta 1. Looks like it works.

And for your information, if your installation failed and you want to download the El Capitan Open Beta again, you can’t. You will need a new Apple ID to do that.

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