New Macbook 2015 – Battery Life

After a few weeks of constant use, I have never once ran out of battery during my daily routine. Well, except maybe once during a weekend when I left the charging cable back in my office.

My routine involves me working on the Macbook intermittently with frequent long breaks in between. And the Macbook goes to sleep during the interval. From lunch till well into 9pm during weekdays and all day during weekends.

And upon reaching the office everyday the battery still has 20% left, while during weekend I need to give the Macbook a charge just once.

So I can safely say that the Macbook can last on average 6-7 hours of usage with no issue at all.

I read some people complained about not getting the claimed 9 hours of usage. Some friends said they read review that the Macbook has poor battery ratings. Well, to be fair Apple actually made a hell of a Macbook.

Just how small are the batteries?

If you have ever unscrew the bottom cover of your Macbook and take a look at just how BIG the battery is, you will give Apple credit for the battery life they squeezed out of the Macbook. I cannot even begin to imagine how they did squeeze any thing into the chassis!

To paint you a perspective just how small the batteries on the Macbook are, just imagine this. The batteries are layered one onto another. A layer of battery is about slightly thicker than the thickness of a slice of chewing gum!

The smaller battery also makes charging the Macbook extremely fast! You could just plug the power in for just a few minutes and get quite a lot of power charged in such short time. The fact that a power bank meant for smart phones can provide a stable power stream to the Macbook alone is an achievement.

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