Retina Macbook Early 2015 – Keyboard

The new keyboard mechanism on the Apple new retina Macbook 2015 is simply awesome! There are plenty of reviews by others that said otherwise.

Staying in Comfort Zone

I can understand that a change can be difficult for some people to accept but for me, I always welcome changes. And the new keyboard on the Macbook is one that will other MacBooks and Laptops feel like a typewriter!

When the modern computer keyboard was invented the keys have a very short travel, require less effort to hit the keys, and have a larger surface. The typists back then complained about how poorly the new keys performed and felt weird.

Fast forward to today, the new revolutionary keyboard keys have almost no travel, requires almost no effort to hit, and has larger area. And as usual typists are complaining.

Superb Keyboard

Hit or Press

There are two ways to type on the new keyboard. You can either hit it with the same force as the old keyboard, or your can simply pressed down like pressing a lift/elevator button. OR you can combine both methods which I do.

I am no typist so I can’t tell you if my typing speed has been affected or the accuracy of my typing has been compromise since I still type slow and have poor accuracy using the old keyboard anyway.

The back lights on the keyboard look much uniformed. And when you view in the keyboard in dark rooms the keys are really awesome and sharp!

New Keyboard

Future Keyboard Today

Whether you like it or not, you will certainly see more of these keyboards in the future. Apple may make it an option or it may use this keyboard for all future Macbook and even the wireless/wired keyboards. You can either train your brain to get used to it and advance to the next level now or you can continue to work with past technology and stay faithful but eventually have to make the change.

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