The New Macbook – Should You?

I am not sure how I shall begin… FFS just go to the nearest store and buy one today! The longer you wait the longer the agony.

If you currently own a 11 inch Macbook Air and are thinking whether the new Macbook is worth the upgrade – my advice is wait. The difference is not epic though the screen resolution can be the sole reason you should get one. The screen is simply out of this world! I had the same feeling when I first saw the retina iMac 5k. You might want to wait and see what Apple does to the Macbook Air line. If they upgrade the screen then it could be options. If not then you can still get this Macbook eventually.

If you currently own a 13 inch Macbook Air, buy. The difference can be felt immediately. The weight that you will be shaving off will be a lot and the screen is just a tat smaller but has got great resolution.

If you currently own any Macbook Pro and are thinking of replacing your workhorse with the new Macbook the answer is don’t buy. The new retina Macbook Pro line are awesome. Buy the new Macbook only if weight is your only concern.

For any PC owners thinking of switching camp then any Mac is a good buy honestly. I have been a hard core PC mod fan, and still am, but Apple’s Mac and the entire system is getting really good and I made the switch.

Why I Bought it

A lot of people are sitting on the fence right now. There are too many mix reviews about the new Macbook and people are confused. That’s why you are reading this.

The kids love it!

My Job

I am a Digital Manager cum webmaster/front-end developer cum System development for the region of a MNC.

My weekly tasks

I do a lot of project management and planning. I will code HTML and CSS a few days a week. I write user manuals for software and system. I write heaps of emails on a daily basis. And I meet software vendors outside of office at least once a week.

What equipment I own

Beside this new Macbook, I also have a retina iMac 5K, a retina iPad, as well a self build gaming PC running Windows 8.1 and dual boot as a Mackintosh.

The iMac 5K replaces the 13 inch Macbook Pro I used for work. The retina iPad is now a paperweight. I have not used it since I gotten the iPhone 6 plus. And now I barely use my iPhone for anything at home thanks to the Macbook!

What did the new Macbook replace

My good old 13 inch i7 Macbook Pro (early 2011). My 13 inch Macbook Pro was such a workhorse before I got the retina  iMac. But now, to my surprise, I am not missing it at all! Whatever the MB Pro can do outside of office this Macbook is fully capable of.

Where I use the new Macbook the most

I use the Macbook the most at home. It is when I leave my iMac in the office and I needed a portable computer to check my emails, work, play, and relax. I think more than 70% of the time I am in bed using my Macbook. The rest of the 30% are either on the dinning table, in the sofa of the living room, and sometimes even in the toilet! This thing is just so portable.

I used to do the same with my 13 inch Macbook Pro but it is not a joy as the weight makes it unbearable after a long period of time sitting on your lap. With the Macbook, there is no weight. The only weight you will feel is actually your own hands resting on the Macbook when you type!

Macbook Early 2015

Not For Everyone

The new Macbook is not meant for everyone. It is not for people who has only one computer and needs it to do heavy lifting or use it as a production workhorse.

The strength of this macbook is insane portability and the ultimate style statement (for now and not so much if you wait further).

When I say insane portability, it really is insane. My messenger bag probably weighs as heavy as this thing. On a few occasion I had to give my bag a shake to determine if my macbook is in there. The footprint on this macbook is also very small, but yet it does not give you the sense of cramped device because the screen is quite huge considering the size of this macbook and the size of the keys on the keyboard is actually bigger than all previous generations of macbooks.

Ultimate Show Off Laptop

And if you want a head turner, this piece of aluminium will make every executives working from Starbucks or in the cafe of the airport transit lounge envious.

I walked into a Starbucks one day and chose to sit down in front of a middle-age executive who looks like he is pretending to work, flamboyantly on his 11 inch Macbook Air. I’m too a middle-age tech executive and my job requires me to seek out new technologies and solutions and so I always have one of the latest toys available in town. And now I  just wanna wipe that grin off his face.

Superb Keyboard

I put down my latte, and I had to reach deep into my bag which is meant for a 15 inch laptop, and draw the gold macbook out. That bloke was eyeing my every move and boy his jaw dropped when I lifted the lid up. You can almost feel the executives-packed Starbucks came to a standstill and everyone stopped talking and just awe at the shinny golden Macbook. “All hail the one that rules them all”

The ultimate show off laptop is here! Although the Macbook was launched in March, stocks are still extremely limited. And it is not everyday that you see the new Macbook in the wild. And it really strikes awe in everyone who is working on a Macbook Air and thinks they own the world.

I will write some more about this darling later on. For now it’s Zoo time and I will try to do some video processing with the new Macbook later today.

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