27″ Retina 5K iMac -Review

The new retina iMac is simply stunningly sharp and what a hell of a display Apple has made. 

If you are still sitting on the fence about buying one read no further. Just buy one. The longer you wait the less you get to enjoy. 

It took me a long while and countless of visits to my local Apple reseller tontry out the iMac before I plunge in and get one. 

Is it worth the money? Yes! Buy!

Is it for photograph post processing? Yes! Buy!

Is it for word processing and general use? Yes! Buy!

Is it for designing? Yes for Photoshop, NO for Illustrator (for now). 

Is it for CAD? No! Hang on till they can release version optimised for the retina iMac. 

First Impression

For existing iMac users, the retina iMac is just the same as the other iMac from the exterior. Only the screen is different. 

For current PC users, the first thing you will realise upon unboxing is just how “plain” and simple the entire iMac is packaged. Upon unboxing all you see is the iMac protected by 3 pieces of foam. And a small rectangular box. That’s it!

The small rectangular box contains the wireless keyboard and the magic mouse. And of course since it is an integrated display CPU computer all you need is just the power cable. The keyboard and mouse are all wireless. The entire setup is just too cool – only 1 power cable is visible. 

I had to settle for the base model as it is the only model readily available in-store locally. Even so it took me more than a week trying to contact all my local stores to check on the stock availability. Why buy it in store as you can buy online? Financing. This is the first computer I need to resort to financing in my entire life!

It is not a cheap computer by far. All my Windows PC computers I owed previouly were all under $1,000 because I upgraded the components as and when budget allows me to do so. But this iMac is just beyond my budget when I decided to buy it. I just couldn’t wait to save up enough money to buy it. I wanted it “now” back then. 

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