World of Tanks – Frustration

I finally decides to write a page about the frustration about playing World of Tanks, after 3 years of grinding and over 23,000 battles.

Tonight was nothing but dumb players yolo-ing into battles. The last battle before writing this page was a battle in the map Pearl River spawning south.

Typically the heavies should take the eastern passage to avoid SPG fire and there are enough cover and bumps perfect for hull down or side peek. Driving a Maus I can easily hold this flank together with a couple of other tanks or TDs.

As I drive towards the eastern flank, an Object 140 yolo into the flank. Then an E-100 thought he could take out an IS-4, an IS -7, a 183, and a Conqueror by himself.

Meanwhile the mediums were pushing the western flank northwards and our 47% win rate 889 WN8 Wtf E-100 was camping in the wrong spot ended with 800+ damage throughout the game.

This is just the typical frustration you will expect every night.

When you trade your time to play a game, you hope to get some fun or at least some stress release in return. But not this game, and not on the SEA server.

The SEA server is a sad server.

I came from the NA server. Back then back there, it took me about 8,000 battles of pure grinding before I finally got my E-100 and my IS-7. With 8,000 battles under my belt I knew every map well and almost every tank well.

I can carry the team well in most battles. Gave tips and some times even command the team into victory.

In SEA server, I got 14 tier X tanks in 16,000 battles, averaging 7 tier X tanks in every 8,000 battles.

This is because in SEA server, there were so many x5 and x3 exp events given the amount of special holidays and festive season in this region.

I’ve seen players driving tier X with 3k battles.

There are simply too many inexperienced players with big tanks around. And when WG started the SEA server, in the bid to quickly populate the server with tier X tanks for clan war, they threw in too many x5 events.

Inexperienced players in high tier tanks, combined with a rigged Match Making algorithm, throw in the rigged Random Number Generator, you get shit for being a good player.

I will write more about MM and RNG later. For now, time to sleep.

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