So the new D-800 is out… I am dying to try one out to see how different is it from its predecessor – D700. Or to put it in a crude way, how much better can Nikon push their limits to because the D700 is already a very good all rounder.

First thing that comes to mind is… D700 is already very good. It has full frame sensor packed with superb low light low noise capabilities, and has a good fps burst shot ability when the battery grip is in use. And the body is very well built. So what else can Nikon improved on such a epic camera? Do you need even better low light shooting capabilities? Do you need 10 fps shooting mode?

The first impression when you see the D800 is that it has more sloped contour… In some way sloping towards a Canon’s design. And next thing that the D800 is most talked about is that it comes equipped with a eye popping 36.3 MegaPixel!!! Even at DX crop mode, it can still produce a whopping 15 megapixel!

However, beyond that there is not very much improvement made over the D700, oh besides adding and simplifying some buttons.

I think I will stick to my D700 for now. Maybe the D600 is worth considering.

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